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Viewing: Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas R1.1.1 version

Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas R1.1.1 version

This is the latest release of Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas R1.1.1 version. This is the only installer you need to be able to play.

Changes in 1.1.1:

* Fixed: Freezes that occured frequently for some users (and not at all for others)
* Fixed: Nothing would happen after the splash screen appeared for some users
* Fixed: All players getting kicked from a server with a "protocol error 92" message
* Fixed: Players getting stuck in "You will respawn in 1 second" mode, if a race starts before they join completely
* Fixed: Issue where error reporter would sometimes fail to find core dump
* Fixed: Occasional crash when connecting to a server through the server browser
* Fixes: Various other crashes
* Added: An error message is now displayed if you try to use the 'order checkpoints' option in the map editor if you have no checkpoints in your map
* Added: DefaultMapDuration and DefaultRespawnTime to server config

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